The Wireless
Network Built By You
The Wireless
Network Built By You
Community-based Wireless Communications

IoT—the Internet of Things—is expanding the possibilities and the potential of technology beyond our wildest imaginations. The only thing standing in its way is the status quo:

The legacy telecom networks we rely on now, built by centralized big tech behemoths, simply can’t provide the reliability, affordability, security, or scalability IoT needs to realize its full power.

It’s time for something new.
The Problem with
Centralized Networks

They’ve dominated the industry, but they’ve got big problems
  • Consolidated authority that makes them prime targets for crippling malicious cyber-attacks
  • Heavy investment requirements that force them to have to recoup expenses
You pay the price for both, with:
  • Increased risk of data compromise or theft
  • No data ownership and no compensation for its sale
  • High access, carrier, and service fees
But it doesn’t have to be that way. Change is coming, and the future is Nesten.


The Promise of a
Decentralized Network

Nesten is a community-based communications platform built by the people, for the people, and we’re the first real alternative to Big Tech.
Our vision: To create a truly secure, truly transparent network where data, power, and profit stay where they belong—with you.
  • Decentralized network developed with multiple layers of blockchain
  • A self-sustaining, economically viable ecosystem
Unprecedented data ownership rights with unparalleled data security