Build your own cell tower
Create a new sharing network that begins with you

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Your journey with Nesten begins when you connect your G1 wireless node in your household. The moment it is connected, it will start working as a cell tower, providing wireless coverage across many square miles for your city and connecting a number of IoT devices that run around the clock around the world. Your simple action of setting up a G1 helps set up the stage for data generation and transmission. Yes, you are building foundations for IoT world with Nesten.

“The future of money is digital currency”

-Bill Gates

1. Individual user network

Welcome to data marketplace. You will interact with individual users who need to access your data.

2. Enterprise user network

Welcome to Big Data marketplace. Enterprise users will request big data to better their management.

3. Cryptocurrency mining

You don’t need to set up a separate tool to take advantage of G1’s state-of-the art mining technology. The device you install in the beginning will function not only as a data-generator also a smart-working miner.

Mining in your bedroom

Save power, Save earth
No noise, No heat

Super Scalable : Leave it anywhere you want. It belongs everywhere.


Environment Friendly : Save earth. Save energy. What’s not to love?


Easy to Install : Couldn’t be easier than this. Just follow simple steps.

Don’t waste your money for power bill.

It will be a low-power, cost-effective, thus happiness-causing mining.
Don’t sweat too much.

It won’t require crazy high temperature.
Don’t toss and turn at night.

It won’t create any bothersome noise.
As you may well know, crypto mining has been notoriously consuming handsome amount of world’s energy. Today’s estimates suggest that mining operations are now consuming as much or more electricity than the entire nation of Denmark. Nesten G1 Wireless Node requires only minimal power to operate. Adding anything to this global catastrophe and domestic disaster is definitely not our idea. The opposite is true.